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Laser Innovations are one of the leading consultants in the field of Laser Healthcare. With many years of practical experience using laser technology in providing affordable, proven treatments to our many clients. Our business focus now is on providing consultancy, support, treatments and training to the growing number of global practitioners and clients who are embracing the benefits of laser healthcare.

Lasers have been used for many years in the areas of Pain relief and Dermatology. However, it was the developments in the use of lasers to aid people who wished to Stop Smoking that saw Laser Innovations first enter into the field of laser healthcare. This was later followed by laser programmes for stress management, weight loss and dermatology.

We are well placed to provide the understanding and training on the application of laser technology in all these areas of healthcare. We provide the vital link between the health care organisations, and practitioners and the laser technology organisations.

We provide support to the manufacturers of laser technologies who are constantly researching and developing the practical application of lasers in healthcare, providing leading edge products that are approved by internationally recognised Healthcare agencies.

Laser Innovations are recognised as a corporate partner to the laser manufacturing industry, through our work with healthcare agencies. We can provide expert support to clinical trials of the laser products and their application as care based treatments. Through our knowledge and expertise we are the enablers in the approval process for the use of laser technologies in health care community.

But our story does not end there, we also provide training and support to the health care professionals who will use the laser technology in their daily work with patients, ensuring the consistent application of global standards, building consumer trust in this rapidly developing area of healthcare.

We believe that our knowledge and understanding of laser therapy remains fresh and in tune with current practices, through the practical use of the technology with our own clients. We therefore continue to work as laser health practitioners providing treatments to a wide range of individual clients, along side our global consultancy and training activities.

Further to this we believe that our knowledge and understanding is pivotal to making these life changing applications available to a global market, for the betterment of healthcare for everyone.

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UK Institute for Therapeutic Laser- Promoting Laser use here in UK

UKITL welcomes a new member to our team.

Nita Tripp is a world renowned laser therapy trainer and practitioner. Her courses on smoking cessation, weight and stress management have been well received all over the world.

Nita joins UKITL as Director of Training.

Laser Innovations to Launch exciting new products....  

Acupuncture relief link identified 

Acupuncture relief link identified

The chemical, adenosine, is a natural compound known for pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also influences the heart and plays a role in regulating sleep.

Researchers found that adenosine is very active in tissues affected by acupuncture, the ancient Chinese treatment that involves inserting needles into sensitive points of the body.

The scientists performed acupuncture on mice suffering chronic inflammatory pain in one paw. Each animal received a 30-minute treatment with fine needles inserted into a known acupuncture point near the knee.

Acupuncture reduced discomfort by two-thirds in mice with normal levels of adenosine.

However, it had no effect on "knock out" mice genetically prevented from responding to adenosine, the researchers found.

During and immediately after acupuncture treatment, adenosine levels in the tissues near the needles were boosted 24-fold.

Maiken Nedergaard, from the University of Rochester Medical Centre in New York state, said: "Acupuncture has been a mainstay of medical treatment in certain parts of the world for 4,000 years, but because it has not been understood completely, many people have remained sceptical.

"In this work, we provide information about one physical mechanism through which acupuncture reduces pain in the body.

 Laser Innovations  International is proud to be working with :  Dr Ayad Al Shakarch and partners ,providing a centre of excellence for training  and treatments in the Gulf States: Qatar, UAE, Doha, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. We look forward to meeting many more collegues on our next training seminars.  Approval recieved from The Minister of Health 2011.



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Daily Mail Good Health - Thursday 25th January 2011
How just two cigarettes a day have left Carol facing a lung transplant 

When Carol Thomas decided to quit ­smoking she found it pretty easy. As a typical social smoker she’d never had more than a few cigarettes a day and, for months at a time, would not smoke at all.

Like many people, she assumed ­quitting would mean any damage to her lungs would be reversed.

But five ­cigarette-free years later, Carol was shocked to learn that her ‘habit’ had left her with an incurable lung condition — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known as the smokers’ disease. 

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Arab Health
23 - 26 January 2012
 We look forward to meeting all our freinds and collegues.
 Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
According to the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association, the current recommended retail price for a pack of 20 cigarettes is £6.13. This means that if  smoke 20 cigarettes a day you  will spend a total of £2,237 a year on cigarettes! So if you quit, this will work out to be around £186 of extra cash per month for your wallet, which you can spend on whatever you want. Laser treatments  now start at £150.00 .....
According to the Surgeon General, there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke.  Every breath you take that contains tobacco smoke increases your risk of debilitating and even fatal illness.  That's why tobacco control laws are important.  Laws that eliminate workplace smoking, make smoking more expensive or help a smoker quit, ultimately reduces tobacco's terrible toll on our nation's health. Life Enhancing  Laser Programmes can helpmake a difference.
  • Chronic bronchitis is twice as common among women as men.
  • Lung cancer is the #1 cause of cancer deaths for women.
  • Over the last 31 years, men’s rates of lung cancer have dropped, while women’s rates have more than doubled.
  • Women are 56 percent more likely than men to have asthma.
FDA Approval received in Indonesia - New centres now open

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Laser Therapy - Laser Acupuncture without the needles..

Daily Mail - June 9th 2010

Smoking Ban Slashes toll of Heart Attacks

The number of heart attacks has fallen dramatically since the smoking ban came in, figures reveal.At least 1,200 heart attacks were prevented in England in the year after the ban's introduction, according to a report in the British Medical Journal.

Wayne Rooney smoking and urinating in the street: it's no wonder United hero is out of puff

By Chris Wheeler
Last updated at 4:45 PM on 3rd August 2010

See The England Smokers Club?

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